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Animal Adventures
4-11 year olds

Meet and learn about real, live, exotic animals!
Under close adult supervision, participants will
hold, pet, and/or feed animals throughout this
6-week course. Animals include birds, reptiles,
hedgehogs, amphibians, and invertebrates.
Students will learn about proper animal
handling, basic biology, animal behavior,
animals' jobs in nature, husbandry, and the
importance of biodiversity. Classes also include
coloring and/or crafts related to the animals
present each week. Once or more animals
will be at each class.  

Fridays, 9/15-11/3 (no class 10/13 and 10/27)
5:00-6:00 pm
Instructor: Melissa Kowalski
Jefferson County Community Center
Cost: $90 for 6 weeks

Learn to Ride
4-10 year olds

Parents, cant get your child to let you take
those training wheels off their bike? Come to Sam
Michael's Park to get them off. JCPRC staff will
be outside with your child to help them succeed.
A special technique will be used to enhance
balance before they try to ride. Child must have a
helmet. JCPRC will also be doing bike fitting, chain
lubrication, tire inflation, and helmet fitting.
Please be sure to bring your child's bike.
Training wheels must be easy to remove;
please bring them as well if your child uses them.

Sunday, September 9
10:00 am - noon
Instructor: Jeff Fiolek
Jefferson County Community Center
Back Parking Lot
Cost: $18

Stem Adventures - Inventor's Workshop
8 years and up

Kids will enjoy hands-on activities learning about
different aspects of SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY,
ENGINEERING, and MATH in this Inventor's Workshop!
What's the difference between play dough,
slime, and ooblek? Make all 3 and decide for yourself!
Learn to wire LED lights and make your own pocket
flashlight, explore movement with your own robotic
hand, and then at the last class, use everything you
learned and create your own invention.
(Kids will be cutting cardboard and using
low-voltage electrical circuits, and mixing
basic household chemicals. A signed waiver
will be required before participants will
be admitted to class.)

Thursdays, 9/14-10/18
5:45-7:15 pm
Instructor: Barb Matlock
Jefferson County Community Center
Cost: $55 for 4 weeks

Thursdays, 10/19-11/9