Mapbook & Road Roster

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Mapbook is an up-to-date detailed map of Jefferson County. Like an atlas you would buy at your local gas station or book store, it is a map in book format that contains various data including roads, addresses, water bodies, etc.

Mapbook (35 MB - Slow Download, please be patient)
Last Updated: 8/27/2020
Please note: The Mapbook and Road Roster are updated separately.


Road Roster is a listing of all roads in the county, their route numbers, address ranges, and the page on which they appear in the Mapbook.

Road Roster (0.15 MB)
Last Updated: 3/7/2017
Note: Due to a change in our mapping software, we are unable to generate new Road Rosters.This version has been hand edited; there will be no more updates to this roster. If you have any questions about a road, please contact our office.