Child and Family Services

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Victim Assistance Program for Jefferson County
The Jefferson County Victim Assistance Program was created as part of the Prosecutor's Office in 1998 to help ensure that victims of crime receive fair and compassionate treatment throughout the judicial process. 

Telephone: 304-725-6550
Fax 304-728-3293

Call the Victim Advocate if you:

  • Have questions about the status of your case.
  • Want information about the criminal justice system and what to expect in court.
  • Need referrals to community resources for medica, legal assistance, counseling, support, or other services.
  • Have questions about the return of property held as evidence.
  • Need someone to contact your employer or or school on your behalf to allow your appearance in court.
  • Want information about the Crime Victims Compensation Fund.
  • Have questions about restitution.
  • Have concerns for your personal safety.
  • Have changed your address of phone number.

County Clerk - Document Recording
The Clerk of the County Commission is responsible for recording and maintaining record books including deeds, deeds of trust, plats, births, deaths and marriages. To obtain more information, call 304-728-3215 or visit the County Clerk website.

County Clerk - Marriage License
The County Clerk issues marriage licenses, hunting and fishing licenses, ministry licenses and justifications of surety.   To obtain more information, call 304-728-3215 or visit the County Clerk website.

County Clerk - Probate
The Probate Office assists in the process of administering an estate.  Our probate clerks will explain the procedures.  To obtain more information, call 304-728-3230 or visit the County Clerk website.

Jefferson County Health Department
The mission of the Jefferson County Board of Health and the Jefferson County Health Department with the support of the Jefferson County Commission, municipalities, and other contributing agencies, is to protect the health of the public. This protection will be provided through assessment of needs, program planning, and services provided. These services will be available to people of all ages regardless of financial eligibility through the combined efforts of the administrative, medical, environmental, and clerical staff.

Phone: 304-728-8416

Fax (Environmental): 304-728-3314

Fax (Clinical): 304-728-3319