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Mountain Water Study Draft Report

Draft Report (PDF)

Appendix D Draft (PDF)

Appendix E Draft 1 (PDF)

Appendix E Draft 2 (PDF)

Farmland Protection Board Plan

Farmland Protection Plan Appendix (PDF)

Farmland Protection Plan (PDF)

Potomac Appalachian Transmission Highline

What is Path? (external website)

Potomac-Appalachian Transmission Highline (PATH) Website

County Commission PATH information:

PATH Meetings - March 2010 (PDF)

Motion to Intervene (PDF)

Map - Proposed PATH - June 2009 (posted 6/5/2009) (PDF)

PATH Map Revisions per May 2009 Allegheny Application (posted 6/5/2009) (PDF)

Staff Response to Question regarding PATH Map Revisions May 2009 (posted 6/5/2009) (PDF)

County Commission PATH File (PDF)

PATH Correspondence (PDF)

PATH Code of Conduct (PDF)

Clean Air Connection
Eastern Panhandle Clean Air Connection serves to increase public awareness of air pollution through education and outreach, as well as encourage community participation in voluntary actions that will improve air quality in the Eastern Panhandle Region.  Website: http://www.region9wv.org/airquality/

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