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A Seat at the Table: A Judy Chicago Dinner Party in Charles Town

At the Charles Town Farmers' Market

A FREE all ages community art class and drop-in art project inspired by the work of iconic american contemporary feminist artist Judy Chicago, in response to the recent request made by members of our community in regards to the controversial memorials on the facade of the historic Charles Town WV court house.

Participants will design and decorate a "place setting" using a paper plate, paper cup, and knife-fork-spoon-- collaged onto a paper placemat, to honor a person or community hero.

The art action and resulting work will speak to the willingness of our community to move forward together, and create a symbolic gathering where everyone's view is respected with a Seat at the Table.

On Oct. 28th, drop-in p...articipating community member's place settings will also be added to the table. If possible, extra fold up tables can be on hand if the installation grows beyond our table space, creating an ever growing dinner party.

To document the event-- photographer of the day to take pic of people holding this place setting, interviewer to take a quote to go with each picture, and/or group photo with table at end time? Installation on a wall in a Public space in Charles town? Definitely pics of each place setting as they are done an added to the table.

Immediate need: working on who to ask to set this up!
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