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Jacqueline Shadle

The Jefferson County Clerk

The Jefferson County Clerk, Jacqueline C. Shadle, serves as the chief election authority for the County. Along with administering elections, the Clerk's Office maintains birth, marriage and death records, records documents, and keeps the minutes of the Jefferson County Commissioners.

Our Vision

To anticipate, meet, and exceed the expectations of our customers and colleagues.

Our Strategy

  • Deliver Outstanding Customer Service
  • Be Effective and Efficient
  • Gain Public Confidence and Trust
  • Foster a Positive Workplace

Our Mission

To protect, preserve and maintain the public records, as well as the election process, with integrity and accountability; to support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of West Virginia while providing the utmost accurate and professional service to our customers and colleagues.

Our Values

  • Respect everyone.
  • Act with Integrity.
  • Embrace Diversity.
  • Build Relationships.
  • Be Accountable.
  • Learn through Innovation.


Office Hours

The Jefferson County Clerk's office is open Monday thru Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Jefferson County Clerk, Jacki Shadle, and her clerks are pleased to announce that the Clerk’s office will begin accepting credit cards and electronic checks as a form of payment on April 10, 2017. The payments will be processed by Point & Pay, one of the fastest–growing companies in the convenience pay industry.

Users will pay a convenience fee of 2.5% ($2.00 minimum convenience fee) on credit card payments and a $3.00 convenience fee on e-checks up to $10,000.  It will appear as two separate payment transactions: one for the purchase and a second for the convenience fee.

We are able to accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.


Sample Credit Card Transaction:

$56 Marriage License + $2.00 Convenience Fee = $58 Transaction Total



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Jefferson County Budgets


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Courthouse Historical 

Welcome to the famous and historic Jefferson County Courthouse, home of the John Brown Treason Trial. For a brief history of the Jefferson County Courthouse, please visit our informative page.  


John Brown's Trial

John Brown's Will (from 1859, recorded in Will Book 16 at Page 143)

Trustee's Sale of Slaves (from February 24, 1838, recorded in Deed Book 22 at Page 367)

Northern New York Tombstone Transcription Project (John Brown Farm Cemetery in New York)

Kennedy Farm House (Information on John Brown)

West Virginia Archives and History

Video posted by Rob Aitcheson, Historic Landmarks Commission.