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Ordinance Compliance

The Ordinance Compliance Officer investigates complaints and issues violation notices for the violations of the Improvement Location Permit Ordinance, Floodplain Ordinance, Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Ordinance, and the Salvage Yard Ordinance. Complaints shall be submitted in writing (no anonymous complaints will be accepted) on the appropriate form that is available from the Ordinance Compliance Officer.


Floodplain Management Ordinance

Jefferson County’s adoption of the Floodplain Ordinance makes it possible for residents of Jefferson County to obtain flood insurance under the FEMA flood insurance program. The Office of Engineering administers the Floodplain Ordinance which requires that any structures and/or the subdivision of land located in the flood hazard areas of Jefferson County comply with the regulations. The floodplain manager provides floodplain delineation determinations and base flood elevation determinations, reviews Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) and Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) submissions, and maintains the floodplain maps for Jefferson County.