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The County Clerk's Office is pleased to announce that we will begin accepting electronic document filings on January 1, 2019 through the online vendor, Simplifile. Whether you are a title company, bank, attorney, lien filer, or another type document submitter, all you need to start e-recording with Simplifile is a Windows PC, high-speed internet access and a scanner. You can contact Simplifile at 800-460-5657 or to set up your e-recording account.


The Recording Department of the County Clerk's Office starts recording at 9 am and ends at 4:30 pm. Any documents received after 4:30 pm will be recorded the next business day.


Recording Fee Calculator 

Sales Listing Form

Clerk Fee Schedule (updated 2017)

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Document Requirements

  • All Documents 
    • Our office asks that you leave a 2" margin at the top of the first page of your document to allow room for the recording stamp
    • Include a self addressed stamped envelope for document return
    • All documents must be notarized and have a proper notary acknowledgement
    • If a document is notarized in West Virginia the document must have a "Prepared By"
    • All documents to be recorded must be an original or certified copy
    • If more than one document is to be recorded please have them noticeably separated
    • Deeds of Trust must have a Trustee in West Virginia, and proper legal description with district
    • Include book and page references on the following documents:
      • Release
      • Assignment
      • Modification
      • Subordination
      • Deed of Correction
      • Trustee's Report of Sale

  • Deeds (this includes all deed types)
    • Completed Sales Listing Form (a printable version of this form is above for your convenience)
    • Grantor's signature
    • Legal description of the property including district
    • An "And Being" paragraph (This is information on the previous owner which includes: name, date, deed book number and page number. This information is necessary in order to follow chain of title.)
    • Declaration of Consideration of Value (This is the monetary amount for which the property is sold. If the property is being transferred without monetary value, it must state in the declaration paragraph 'why' it is exempt from transfer tax.)
      • Exemptions from Property Transfer Fees (Excise Tax)
             West Virginia Code §11-22-1 defines “documents” which are not subject to
              transfer tax. They are listed as follows:

        • Wills - Transfer on Death
        • Transfers of real property where the value of the property transferred is $100 or less
        • Testamentary or inter vivos trusts
        • Deeds of partition
        • Deeds made pursuant to mergers of corporations
        • Deeds made by a subsidiary corporation to its parent corporation for no consideration other than the cancellation or surrender or the subsidiary’s stock
        • Leases
        • Transfers between husband and wife
        • Transfers between parent and child
        • Transfers between parent and child and his or her spouse, without consideration
        • Transfers between a principal and straw party, without consideration, for any purpose
        • Gifts to, or transfers from or between voluntary charitable or educational associations or trustees thereof, and like nonprofit corporations having the same or similar purposes
        • Quitclaim or corrective deeds without consideration
        • Transfers to or from the United States, the State of West Virginia, or to or from any of their agencies or political subdivisions by gift, dedication, deed or condemnation proceedings
        • Mortgages or deeds of trust given as security for debt
        • In addition, Code §48-2-32 exempts any transfer of property under a decree of divorce, annulment or separate maintenance agreement

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*A service fee of 2.5% ($2.00 minimum) of the total charge will apply for all credit card transactions.