Temporary Personal Safety Order

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Temporary Personal Safety Order: Magistrates may issue Temporary Personal Safety Orders in matters where
the parties are not related by blood, marriage, have not been intimately related and have never cohabitated and there is reasonable cause to believe that the respondent committed or attempted to commit a sexual offense as define by WV Code section 53-8-1 or harassed the Petitioner in violation of WV Code section 61-2-9a or made
repeated credible threats of bodily injury knowing or having reason to know that the threats caused reasonable
fear for the Petitioner’s safety in violation of WV Code section 53-8-4(a)(3).

Temporary Personal Safety Orders are available to the public during the business day. Please note that the
written Petition takes time for the Petitioner to fill out and the hearing can be lengthy. If your situation allows
for it, please print the Petition for a Temporary Personal Safety Order and fill it out prior to coming into the Courthouse and requesting a hearing. Please also, if you are able, plan to arrive at the courthouse a minimum of one
hour prior to the time that the Courthouse closes (4:30 p.m.).

Petition for Personal Safety Order 

This form may also be obtained in person from the Magistrate Court.