Sinkhole Information

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Is a Sinkhole Forming on Your Property?

The Jefferson County Engineering Department does not investigate sinkholes and associated hazards on private property, nor do we have the resources and equipment to do so.  Unfortunately, there is no efficient way to determine if a sinkhole is present and forming underground.

However, you might want to consider contacting a Geotechnical Engineer who is familiar with Karst geology and sinkholes in the region, and who has the equipment and resources to perform a geologic investigation, and have them investigate your problem and recommend possible remediation of any hazards.  The following are some geotechnical firms in the region that might be able to help you:

ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC - Winchester, VA (Phone: 540-667-5217) 

GeoConcepts Engineering Inc - Ashburn, VA  (Phone: 703-726-8030)

Hillis-Carnes Engineers - Williamsport, MD  (Phone: 301-582-4662)

Mountain Research, LLC - Altoona, PA  (Phone: 800-837-4674)

Potesta & Associates, Inc - Winchester, VA  (Phone: 540-450-0181)

Specialized Engineering - Fredrick, MD  (Phone: 301-607-4180)

Triad Engineering - Winchester, VA  (Phone: 540-667-9300)


The following are several web sites that might provide helpful information:


If it does appear to be a sinkhole, you may also want to contact your homeowner’s insurance company to see if they can help.