Readdressing Project

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Under West Virginia Code Section §7-1-3, the WV Legislature has given County Commissions “…responsibility of establishment and regulation of roads, ways, streets, avenues, drives, and the like, and the naming or renaming thereof, in cooperation with local postal authorities, the division of highways, and the directors of county emergency communications centers, to assure uniform, non-duplicative conversion of all rural routes to city-type addressing on a permanent basis…”

Our Re-addressing Project (2001 – 2008)

Beginning in 2001, Jefferson County hired a professional addressing firm, MSAG Data Consultants, Inc., to assist the County in completing the addressing project.  Aerial photography was taken in May 2001 and digital planimetric maps were developed.  The planimetric maps show features such as road centerlines, buildings, streams, ponds, fire hydrants, power lines, floodplains and other features.  These maps also provide address points and other critical layers as part of the County’s GIS system.

In late 2001, an address questionnaire packet was delivered to County residents.  This questionnaire asked for telephone and address information to assist the County in developing an old address/new address database for the post office and the telephone company.

The County Commission implemented an ordinance that defines the requirements of urban style addressing, the naming of roads, and the posting of address numbers. The County has since amended the ordinance to address issues with road signs.  To read the full Jefferson County E9-1-1 Addressing Ordinance, click here.

Present Day

Using data collected during the readdressing project, Jefferson County has implemented a comprehensive mapping solution in its 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Center, the GIS/Addressing Office, the Office of Emergency Management, and the Sheriff’s Department.  Emergency response agencies such as the Jefferson County Emergency Services Agency and several fire departments have begun deploying a mapping solution for the mobile environment. The Jefferson County GIS/Addressing Office also hopes to provide online mapping services in the near future.

The Jefferson County Addressing Office oversees all mapping in the County, with the exception of parcel (cadastral) mapping, which is maintained by the Jefferson County Assessor’s Office.  If you need parcel maps of properties in Jefferson County, these maps can be obtained by contacting the Assessor’s Office at (304) 728-3224.