Berryville Pike Project

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Realignment & Readdressing

The 2024 Berryville Pike Realignment Project will impact a large amount of homes and businesses. It is our job to make the addressing transition as easy as possible for the citizens. Below you will find which current roads and addresses will be affected by this change and how our office plans to generate the new road names and addresses for these areas.

If you have questions about the renaming/readdressing, please contact our office at 304-724-6759. If you have questions about the construction/closures of the Realignment Project itself, please contact the Department of Highways at 681-320-2000, as our office is not involved in the physical realignment of the roadway. 

To view the areas being affected, you can view our online, interactive map here or download our pdf here.


Readdressing Process

No New Road Name Required

All property owners with an addressable structure that requires a new address onto an existing road name will be notified by letter when the address has been changed. Addresses will go into effect for 911 once the structure is utilizing the new access point. 

The addresses being affected by access realignments are:

  • Berryville Pike: 847, 851
  • Birdland Way: 27, 31, 108
  • Straithmore Farm Ln: 60, 92
  • Jenkins Hill Rd: 154, 272, 449, 467, 480, 520, 535, 541

New Road Name Required 

The areas that require new road names have been broken up into 5 sections. Property owners in each section will receive a letter with 3 new road name choices and asked to choose their preferred name. After a 30 day period (in which to receive responses), our office will tally the votes and the road will be assigned the name with the highest number of votes. At that time, our office will prepare the new addresses for each existing addressable structure in that section and mail the results to the owners. New addresses will go into effect for 911 once the access to the roadway has been finalized in the field and all structures are utilizing the newly aligned roadway.

The sections are:

Section 1 – Rainbow Diner/340 Defense
Section 2 – Lewisville Rd/Grove Way
Section 3 – Rippon Village Area (old Berryville Pike)
Section 4 – Rippon Commons Ct
Section 5 – Wheatland Rd