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What is Nixle?

Nixle is a Community Information Service dedicated to helping you by providing access to timely, accurate, and important information during an emergency in Jefferson County.  Broadcasted information includes severe weather watches and warnings (tornado, flooding, blizzards, etc.), county government delays and closures, water boil advisories, air quality alerts, and more depending on the nature of the emergency.


How does Nixle work?

Nixle is an opt in service.  JCHSEM staff cannot register members of the public to receive emergency alerts.  Once you sign up for Nixle Alerts, you will receive these notifications via text or e-mail.  You can also view Nixle Alerts on the following sites:

 Jefferson County HSEM Facebook page

 Jefferson County HSEM Twitter account

 Jefferson County Commission Website

It is important to note that you WILL NOT receive Nixle Alerts unless you sign up.  Registration for Nixle is free and takes a matter of minutes to sign up.


Why should you sign up for Nixle?

Nixle provides the residents of Jefferson County timely, accurate, important, and life saving information about emergencies in the county, directly to your mobile device.  The service is free to you and provides you the necessary information that you need to keep yourself, your family, friends, and neighbors safe. 


How do I sign up for Nixle Alerts?

In order to sign up for these alerts go to or text your Jefferson County zip code to 888777 and then text JCHSEM to the same number. There is no charge to sign up for Nixle services. 

If you create an account using the Nixle website, you can personalize what types of notifications you receive. 


Can I sign up for Nixle Alerts if I do not live in Jefferson County?

Yes, we encourage everyone living, working, or visiting in Jefferson County to sign up for these alert notifications. Once registered for Nixle Alerts, you will receive them anywhere in the United States, so you can keep track of your loved ones.  Additionally, Nixle is a nationwide service and thousands of communities utilize the service.


Please check out our Nixle Brochure for more information!