Zoning Fees

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Jefferson County Zoning Fees

Effective October 6, 1988; Revised: 07-05-94; 01-01-01
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Conditional Use Permit

$250.00 + $50.00 / per acre
50% return if the project fails LESA
0% return if the project fails LESA and
loses an appeal to the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Zoning Map Amendment

$1000.00 + $50.00 / per acre 

Change in
Nonconforming Use


 Variance Request from
Zoning Ordinance

$100.00 per variance request, or
$150.00 if construction has already
commenced or completed.

Appeal of an
Administrative Decision

$100.00 per appeal (each issue appealed constitutes a separate appeal)

$100.00 returned if Board reverses or modifies decision in any way
favorable to the appellant. 

 Floodplain Studies

 $10.00 per study
*Variance fees to correct an improperly issued Improvement Location Permit (by staff) shall be waived.