Solar Energy Facility Projects

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Below is a list of Solar Energy Facility Projects which have obtained approvals from the Planning Commission and/or the Board of Zoning Appeals. The next steps are noted in the table below.

*Click on File Numbers to review approved permit

**Click on Public Hearing / Public Workshop Date to review application & staff report within meeting agenda packet

Please contact the Office of Planning and Zoning with any questions related to the projects listed below: 304-728-3228 /


Project Name

Conditional Use Permit

Concept Plan

Zoning Certificate

Stormwater Management Report

Building Permit

Blake Solar Energy Facility File #22-4-CUP -
Issued 08/08/22

BZA Public Hearing: 07/28/22
File #22-7-SP

PC Public Workshop: 08/09/22
File #23-3-ZC
Issued: 01/18/23
File #22-7-SP
Approved on: 02/01/23
File #s:

23-170 (Temporary Construction Trailer)

23-171 Temporary Office Trailer)

23-593 ( 7' Tall Fence)

23-82 (Control Building)

23-75 (Solar Panels)

Wild Hill Solar Energy Facility File #22-5-CUP -
Issued 09/30/22

BZA Approved on: 08/25/22
File #22-9-SP

PC Public Workshop: 09/13/22
File #22-56-ZC
Issued: 10/24/22
Pending Submission Pending Submission
Rippon Solar Energy Facility File #22-9-CUP -
Issued 12/07/22

BZA Approved on: 10/27/22
File #22-15-SP

PC Public Workshop: 11/15/22
File #23-50-ZC
Issued: 11/01/23
Pending Submission Pending Submission
Flowing Springs Farm Solar Energy Facility N/A - Principal Permitted Use
Project located entirely within delineated growth areas.
File #23-4-SP

PC Public Workshop: 05/09/23
Pending Submission Pending Submission Pending Submission