Ordinances and Regulations

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Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan

Envision Jefferson 2035 Comprehensive Plan

Future Land Use Guide

Current Ordinances

Jefferson County Zoning and Land Development Ordinance, as amended November 21, 2019

Jefferson County Subdivision and Land Development Regulations, as amended February 1, 2018


Jefferson County Stormwater Management Ordinance, effective January 1, 2014

Jefferson County Salvage Yard Ordinance - Adopted August 23, 1984

Jefferson County Improvement Location Permit Ordinance - Effective December 20, 1975

Jefferson County Standard Details

Proposed Ordinances and Text Amendments

  1. ZTA14-02, Draft Zoning Ordinance Amendment RE: Mass Event Regulations 
    Planning Commission Public Hearing Scheduled for 12-08-15. Public Comments may be submitted in writing to the Office of Planning and Zoning until 5:00 PM on 12-22-15. The PC will review all comments during their January 2016 meeting.

    On 11-21-19, at the request of the Planning Commission, the County Commission returned ZTA14-02 to the Planning Commission for review and discussion. This item will be reviewed during the 12-10-19 Planning Commission meeting. [Click here] for the agenda packet.

 Archived Subdivision Regulations

Archived Zoning Ordinances