ARPA Applications

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Applications Received

ARPA Application Number & Amount Requested                                                           Status

ARPA-1 Harpers Ferry-Bolivar PSD  Request $120,000

ARPA-2 Charles Town Utility Board  Request $750,000

ARPA-3 JC Animal Control  Request $50,000

ARPA-4 Jefferson Medical Center   Request $31,250                                                    Request Withdrawn 11-4-2021

ARPA-5 City of Charles Town  Request $150,000

ARPA-6 JC Emergency Communication Center  Request $750,000

ARPA-7 JC IT Dept -#1 Email System  Request $75,000

ARPA-8 Charles Town HBPA-#1 Economic Study  Request $65,000

ARPA-9 Charles Town HBPA-#2 Internship  Request $150,000

ARPA-10 JC IT Dept-#2 Conf Room Audio-Visual  Request $50,000

ARPA-11 JC Parks & Recreation  Request $600,000

ARPA-12 JCCOA-#1 Employee Stipend  Request $86,000

ARPA-13 JCCOA-#2 Walk in Cooler  Request $18,000

ARPA-14 Corp of Harpers Ferry-#1 Water Dist Sys  Request $5,091,900

ARPA-15 African-American Comm Assoc of JC  Request $35,000

ARPA-16 JC African American Cultural & Heritage Festival  Request $12,000

ARPA-17 WV Thoroughbred Breeders Association  Request $60,000

ARPA-18 Jefferson County Water Advisory Committee  Request $400,000

ARPA-19 JC Sheriff's Office-#2 Two Positions  Request $504,400

ARPA-20 JC IT Dept-#3 CAD Position  Request $246,000

ARPA-21 JC Commission  -Co Comm Admin Position  Request $165,000

ARPA-22 Safe Haven Child Advocacy Center  Request $10,000

ARPA-23 Shenandoah Junction Public Sewer  Request $Undetermined                           cancelled-duplicate of ARPA-33

ARPA-24 Broadband Infrastructure  Request $912,805

ARPA-25 Jefferson County Eng #1-Demo Smoot Building  Request $100,000

ARPA-26 Charles Town Race Track Chaplaincy  Request $10,000

ARPA-27 Jefferson County Eng #2-Digital permit public access  Request $15,000

ARPA-28 Jefferson County Parks & Rec #2-Hite Park Infra  Request $100,000

ARPA-29 JCESA Portable Radios  Request $157,702

ARPA-30 Shepherdstown Morgans Grove Park-$300,000

ARPA-31 Bakerton VFD-Repl Radios-$154,369

ARPA-32 Bakerton VFD-Staffing Reimbursement-$136,000

ARPA-33 Shenandoah Junction Public Sewer Request- $1,153,000

ARPA-34 Bakerton VFD-Ambulance Loan Payoff-$64,000

ARPA-35 Charles Town Race Track Chaplaincy Request-$24,488

ARPA-36 Charles Washington Symphony Orchestra Request-$10,000

ARPA-37 Jefferson County Community Ministries - $403,000