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The State of West Virginia allows its residents to open or conceal carry a weapon without a permit.  Due to the COVID-19 stay at home restriction the office is not open for normal permit services; however, even
with normal office operations being restricted, there are ways to have your concealed carry application

If you are an essential employee working out of state and require a ccw as an aspect of your employment or have a critical need, we will  make accommodations for you.  You can submit your completed, sign and notarized application with a copy of your current permit, driver’s license, and letter from your employer by mailing it to 102 Industrial Blvd, Kearneysville, WV  25430 with your check for $75.00 made payable to
JCSO.  Make sure that you include your contact information. 

We are now also able to accept payments by credit card.  If you would prefer this method, you can email
the above information to  Once your application and supporting letter have been
reviewed for completeness and accuracy, you will receive an invoice for $77.55.  This includes a
convenience fee to cover the vendors processing fees.  An appointment will be made for you to come to the office for your picture once your ccw is ready for pick up.  If you choose to email your application, it is
requested that you bring your original application and documents with you when you come to the office
to complete the process.


Concealed Weapons Permits:
$75.00 with application (Complimentary duplicate wallet size ID with photo provided)
$25.00 at pick-up 
For initial application, please bring your original certificate and driver's license, the administrative staff will make copies and return the original to you.  For renewal applications, bring in your current permit and driver's license. Make sure you sign your application in front of a notary.  There are notaries on staff that can provide this service to you, free of charge.
CCW Application
Gun Reciprocity MapHaynes Car
On the Mark: A Guide to Concealed Handgun Laws in West

Monday - Friday between 8:00 - 8:30 am and 3:30 - 4:00 pm
$5.00 per card
The entity requesting your fingerprints should provide you with a card.
Card should be filled out in BLACK ink.  
Make sure you have a driver's license or other photo ID

Reports: During COVID-19 conditions email to request a copy of a report.
$20.00 per copy (20.91 to pay by credit card)
Copies of incident or accident reports can be obtained in person during regular business office hours or via mail request. Mail requests must provide a self addressed and stamped return envelope.  To obtain copies of any pictures associated with reports, there is an additional charge of $5.00 per page or $20.00 for a CD.  Sometimes photos do not exist in a format that will allow for the creation of a CD.

VIN Verification:
$5.00 per VIN
If you are unable to bring the vehicle to Sheriff's Office, you must first come to the office to pay fee, then arrangements will be made with the Shift Supervisor for someone to come to your Jefferson County location to verify the VIN.

Service of Process:
$25.00 per address per paper